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Manuscript guidelines as well as instructions on how to submit electronically are available HERE.

Papers must not exceed four A4 pages with all illustrations and references included.
All submissions must be received by 10 April, 2017. (NEW DEADLINE: 18 APRIL) 

Papers submitted for review must clearly state:

• The purpose of the work
• How and to what extent it advances the state-of-the-art
• Specific results and their impact

Only work that has not been previously published or submitted elsewhere will be considered.
Submission of a paper for review and subsequent acceptance is considered as a commitment that the work will not be publicly available prior to the conference.
After selection of papers, the authors will be informed about the decision of the Technical Program Committee by e-mail by June 2, 2017.
At the same time, the complete program will be published on this website.
An oral presentation will be given at the Conference for each accepted paper. No-shows will result in the exclusion of the papers from the Conference Proceedings and the IEEE Xplore Digital Library.
For each paper independently, at least one co-author is required to register for the Conference (one registration-one paper policy).
Registration fees and deadlines will be soon available.


  • Analog
    OP-Amps and instrumentation amplifiers CT and DT filters; SC circuits, Comparators; Nonlinear circuits; Voltage and current references; HV circuits; Nonlinear analog circuits; Digitally assisted analog circuits

  • Data Converters
    Nyquist-rate and oversampling A/D and D/A converters; Sample-hold circuits; Time-to-digital converters; ADC and DAC calibration/error correction circuits.

  • RF and mm-Wave
    RF/IF building blocks like LNAs, mixers, power amplifiers, IF amplifiers; Power detectors; Subsystems for RF, mm-wave and THz design with focus on novel design techniques.

  • Frequency Generation
    Modulators/demodulators; VCOs; PLLs; DLLs; Frequency synthesizers; Frequency dividers; Integrated passive component.

  • Wireless and Wireline Systems
    Receivers/transmitters/transceivers for wireless/wireline systems Gigabit serial links; Clock and data recovery; Equalization; Advanced modulation systems; Base station and handset applications; TV/radio/satellite receivers and transmitters; Radars.

  • Sensors, Imager and Biomedical
    Sensor subsystems and interfaces; Accelerometers; Temperature sensing; Imaging and smart imaging chips; AMOLED; MEMs subsystems; RF MEMs; Implantable electronic ICs; Biomedical imagers; Bio-MEMs integratedsystems; Labon-chip; Organic LED and liquid-crystal-display interface circuits; Flat panel and projection display.

  • Digital, Security and Memory
    Techniques for energy efficient and high performance digital circuits; I/O and inter-chip communication; Reconfigurable digital circuits; Security and encryption circuits; Clocking; Arithmetic building blocks; Memories; Microprocessors; DSPs; Memory interfacing; Bus interfacing; Many core and multirate ICs; 3D integration.

  • Power Management
    Energy transducers; Power regulators; DC-DC converters; Energy-scavenging circuits; LDOs Boost-buck-converters; LED drivers; Sequencers and supervisors; Green circuit.


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