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Keynote Speakers


Françoise Chombar

CEO Melexis, Belgium

"Engineering a safe,

 clean and comfortable future

Hans Stork

Senior VP & CTO ON Semiconductor, USA “Smart Power for Automotives““

Peter Real

Senior VP & CTO Analog Devices Inc.

“Navigating without

 a Moore’s Law Compass“

Tetsuo Endoh

Professor Tohoku University, Japan -"Spintronics applications: STT-MRAM and Non Volatile Logic“


Ian Young

Intel, Senior Fellow, USA

“Principles and Trends in Quantum Nano-Electronics and Nano-Magnetics for Beyond-CMOS Computing”

Siva Sivaram

SanDisk Corp., Executive VP, USA

"Storage Class Memories: Desire Meets Reality”

David DiVincenzo

Professor RWTH, Aachen, Germany “Control Systems for Quantum Computing”

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