​September 11-14, 2017




The aim of ESSDERC and ESSCIRC is to provide an annual European forum for the presentation and discussion of recent advances in solid-state devices and circuits. The increasing level of integration for system-on-chip design made available by advances in semiconductor technology is, more than ever before, calling for a deeper interaction among technologists, device experts, IC designers and system designers. While keeping separate Technical Program Committees, ESSDERC and ESSCIRC are governed by a common Steering Committee and share Plenary Keynote Presentations and Joint Sessions bridging both communities. Attendees registered for either conference are encouraged to attend any of the scheduled parallel sessions, regardless to which conference they belong.



​• 4 Plenary presentations

Françoise Chombar

CEO Melexis, Belgium

"Engineering a safe,

 clean and comfortable future"

Hans Stork

Senior VP & CTO ON Semiconductor, USA “Smart Power for Automotives“

Peter Real

Senior VP & CTO Analog Devices Inc.

“Navigating without

 a Moore’s Law Compass“

Tetsuo Endoh

Professor Tohoku University, Japan -"Spintronics applications: STT-MRAM and Non Volatile Logic“

3 ESSDERC keynote presentations

Ian Young

Intel, Senior Fellow, USA

“Principles and Trends in Quantum Nano-Electronics and Nano-Magnetics for Beyond-CMOS Computing”

Siva Sivaram

SanDisk Corp., Executive VP, USA "Storage Class Memories: Desire Meets Reality"

David DiVincenzo

Professor RWTH, Aachen, Germany “Control Systems for Quantum Computing”

3 ESSCIRC keynote presentations

Yves Baeyens

Nokia Bell labs, Belgium

"Solving the Capacity Bottlenecks in Fixed Access Communications"

Sven Mattisson

Corp. Senior Expert Ericsson, Sweden “Overview of 5G requirements and future wireless networks“

Harish Krishnaswamy

Professor Columbia University, USA “Integrated Antenna-Interface Components – A Blessing for Wireless Transceivers”

• Invited papers with overall coverage of all aspects of advanced devices and circuits

• Special focused sessions on smart sensors, neuromorphic computing and Beyond CMOS

• Presentation of IEEE and ESSDERC/ESSCIRC Awards

ESSDERC/ESSCIRC Gala Dinner on Wednesday, September 13, 2017

• Tutorials

- Beyond CMOS
- Sensors for the IoT era

- Neuromorphic computig with emerging synaptic devices 

- Integrated power management in research and industry
- The hidden challenges of 5G

• Workshops

The working language of the conference is English.