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Keynote Speakers


Françoise Chombar

CEO Melexis, Belgium

"Engineering a safe,

 clean and comfortable future

Hans Stork

Senior VP & CTO ON Semiconductor, USA “Smart Power for Automotives““

Peter Real

Senior VP & CTO Analog Devices Inc.

“Navigating without

 a Moore’s Law Compass“

Tetsuo Endoh

Professor Tohoku University, Japan -"Spintronics applications: STT-MRAM and Non Volatile Logic“


Yves Baeyens

Nokia Bell labs, Belgium

“Solving the Capacity Bottlenecks in Fixed Access Communications"

Sven Mattisson

Corp. Senior Expert Ericsson, Sweden “Overview of 5G requirements and future wireless networks“

Harish Krishnaswamy

Professor Columbia University, USA “Integrated Antenna-Interface Components – A Blessing for Wireless Transceivers”

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