June 24, 2020

 Panel Discussion: The Future of Algorithms in Biology

 Panel Discussion: The Future of Algorithms in Biology

On Wednesday at 11:20 am there will be a panel discussion about the Future of Algorithms in Biology. This is a continuation of a discussion started at a workshop of the same name hosted at Carnegie Mellon University in 2018 ( The topics to be discussed will be centered around the state of research in algorithms for biology in the next 5 years and beyond, as well as the training needed for new investigators in the field. We encourage those with potential discussion topics to send them ahead of time to one or all of the panel organizers at The panelist who will be participating are:

• Ben Langmead -- Johns Hopkins University
• Olga Troyanskaya -- Princeton University & Flatiron Institute

• Yaron Orenstein -- Ben-Gurion University
• Caroline Uhler -- MIT
• Jean-Philippe Vert -- Google Brain & Mines ParisTech