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SSCS Diversity Luncheon

(This event is open to everyone of all genders)
Tuesday, September 4, 2018
12:30 pm - 2:00 pm (Room CHE/0183/U - Chemie Building).

The luncheon will feature talks and interactive discussion on how to increase diversity in the ESSCIRC and ESSDERC Community.

Afterwards, there will be a networking luncheon.

Confirmed speakers for this event are:


  • Andreia Cathelin (STMicroelectronics, FR)

  • Sven Mattisson (Ericsson and Lund University, SE)

  • Jan Van der Spiegel (University of Pennsylvania, USA)

  • Alice Wang (PsiKick, Senior Director, USA)


The luncheon is open to anyone interested in stimulating diversity in our field.

The registration fee is € 10,00 (VAT INCLUDED) to be added to ESSDERC/ESSCIRC registration fee.

Register for the event by ticking "SSCS Diversity Luncheon" in the ESSDERC/ESSCIRC Registration Form



Please keep on checking this webpage for more information about this event

Sponsored by the IEEE Solid-State Circuits Society
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